pywws - Python software for USB Wireless Weather Stations
Copyright (C) 2008-13  Jim Easterbrook  jim@jim-easterbrook.me.uk

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301, USA.

Changes in v13.06:
    1/ Substantially rearranged directories, getting rid of 'code' and 'code3'.
    2/ Removed 'makefile' - everything is now done via 'setup.py'.
    3/ Removed 'RunModule.py' - use 'python -m pywws.module' now.
    4/ Separated storage of config (weather.ini) and status (status.ini).
    5/ Replaced toservice.py "rapid fire" mode with a separate config file for
       Weather Underground rapid fire.
    6/ Added 2 more low-level USB access modules.
    7/ Various bug fixes and minor improvements.

Changes in v13.03:
    1/ Added 'rain days' to monthly data. (Reprocess required when upgrading.)
    2/ Extended template syntax to include comments.
    3/ Added 'humidity index' function.
    4/ Added French translation of documentation.
    5/ Reduced frequency of saving data files.
    6/ Various bug fixes.

Changes in v12.12:
    1/ Added support for Python 3.
    2/ Added French documentation translation.
    3/ Used 'binary search' to speed up data access.
    4/ Various bug fixes.

Changes in v12.11:
    1/ Moved development from Google code to GitHub.
    2/ Made software attempt to avoid USB activity at times when it is assumed
       the weather station might be writing to its memory. This might solve
       the USB lockup problem, but it's too early to tell.

Changes in v12.10:
    1/ Added a 'winddir_text' function for use in templates.
    2/ Added <ytics> and <y2tics> options to graph plots.
    3/ Various bug fixes.

Changes in v12.07:
    1/ Added Open Weather Map to the services.
    2/ Fixed problem with Weather Underground uploads that started on 1st June.
    3/ Various bug fixes and software structure improvements.

Changes in v12.05:
    1/ Made 'fixed block' data available to template calculations.
    2/ Fixed buggy auto-detection of 3080 weather stations.
    3/ Added a function to generate the Zambretti forecast code letter.
    4/ Added a program to test USB communication reliablility.
    5/ Various bug fixes and software structure improvements.

Changes in v12.02:
    1/ Separated out low level USB communications to enable use of different
       libraries. Now works on recent versions of Mac OS.
    2/ Added humidity, pressure & wind data to summary data.
    3/ Merged Weather Underground and UK Met Office uploaders into one combined
       module. Added more 'service' uploaders.
    4/ Various bug fixes and software structure improvements.

Changes in v11.10:
    1/ Complete restructuring of documentation.
    2/ Added a user defined 'calibration' process.
    3/ Sets 'locale' according to language setting.
    4/ Added ability to upload to UK Met Office 'WOW'.
    5/ Various bug fixes and software structure improvements.
    6/ New language files: French, Danish.

Changes in v11.05:
    1/ Added support for '3080' family stations that have illuminance and
       UV sensors.
    2/ Broadened the range of tasks that can be done with 'live' data.
    3/ Various bug fixes and software structure improvements.

Changes in v11.02:
    1/ Various bug fixes and software structure improvements.
    2/ Improved wind direction averaging.
    3/ Added conversion functions for common things such as C to F.
    4/ Added a YoWindow module.
    5/ Improved Zambretti forecaster.

Changes in v10.12:
    1/ Various bug fixes and software structure improvements.
    2/ Added a 'goto' instruction to Template.py.
    3/ Added a 'Zambretti' forecast function to Template.py. This should
       be treated as an experiment, and not relied upon for accuracy.

Changes in v10.10:
    1/ Added 'catchup' mode to ToUnderground.py.
    2/ Created 'Tasks.py' to handle common tasks.
    3/ Made better use of Python's logger for info and error
    4/ Changed over from 'python-twitter' to 'tweepy' for Twitter
       access. Twitter authorisation using OAuth now works.
    5/ Added 'LiveLog.py' live logging program.
    6/ Added 'SetWeatherStation.py' to do some configuration of weather
       station. No longer need EasyWeather to set logging interval!
    7/ Added 'Rapid Fire' ability to ToUnderground.py.
    8/ Added plain text versions of HTML documentation.
    9/ Many bug fixes and minor improvements.

Changes in v10.08:
    1/ Added internal temperature to daily and monthly summaries.
       Run Reprocess.py when upgrading from earlier versions.
    2/ Added 'prevdata' to Template.py. Allows calculations that
       compare values from different times.
    3/ Made 'pressure_offset' available to calculations in Plot.py
       and Template.py. This is only useful when using 'raw' data.
    4/ Improved synchronisation to weather station's clock when
       fetching stored data.

Changes in v10.06:
    1/ Improved localisation code.
    2/ Minor bug fixes.
    3/ Added Y axis label angle control to plots.

Changes in v10.04:
    1/ Changed version numbering to year.month.
    2/ Allowed "upload" to a local directory instead of ftp site.
    3/ Added "calc" option to text templates (Template.py).
    4/ Added -v / --verbose option to Hourly.py to allow silent operation.
    5/ Added internationalisation / localisation of some strings.
    6/ Made 'raw' data available to text templates.
    7/ Added ability to upload to Weather Underground.
    8/ Added dual axis and cumulative graph capability.

Changes in v0.9:
    1/ Added lowest daytime max and highest nighttime min temperatures
       to monthly data.
    2/ Added average temperature to daily and monthly data.
    3/ Added 'terminal' element to Plot.py templates for greater control
       over output appearance.
    4/ Added 'command' element to Plot.py templates for even more
       control, for advanced users.
    5/ Added secure upload option.
    6/ Minor speed improvements.

Changes in v0.8:
    1/ Added meteorological day end hour user preference
    2/ Attempts at Windows compatibility
    3/ Corrected decoding of wind data at speeds over 25.5 m/s
    4/ Improved speed with new data caching strategy

Changes in v0.7:
    1/ Several bug fixes, mostly around new weather stations with not
       much data
    2/ Added min & max temperature extremes to monthly data
    3/ Added template and workspace directory locations to weather.ini
    4/ Increased versatility of Plot.py with layout and title elements

Changes in v0.6:
    1/ Added monthly data
    2/ Changed 'pressure' to 'abs_pressure' or 'rel_pressure'

Changes in v0.5:
    1/ Small bug fixes.
    2/ Added start time to daily data
    3/ Replaced individual plot programs with XML "recipe" system

Changes in v0.4:
    1/ Can post brief messages to Twitter.
    2/ Now time zone aware. Uses UTC for data indexing and local time
       for graphs and text data files.

Changes in v0.3:
    1/ Now uses templates to generate text data
    2/ Added 28 day plot
    3/ Minor efficiency improvements
    4/ Improved documentation

Changes in v0.2:
    1/ Now uses Python csv library to read and write data
    2/ Creates hourly and daily summary files
    3/ Includes rain data in graphs